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My weekend so far

A fun weekend so far.

Friday night, I got beat up at Silent Death, but not before slamming Target with trip-4s with a Mjolnir and getting the golden beebee (12 on a crit hit) on Rob's Binary for some revenge. That game ended in a rough draw. Target had a massive gunboat while Rob had 4 medium fighters. We called it a stalemate with much haggling about who was buying who off.

Saturday's game was Might of Arms. It was Byzantines vs. Arabs and Turks. It was a close game, but the Byzantines prevailed in the end. One Arab tribe managed to escape with their plunder, otherwise the Byzantines owned the field.

Saturday night, I met up with the Kindred to discuss an oncoming blot. There was a rare hazelmemory sighting.  After a quick symbel to Freyr, we got to talking about spring goddesses and such.  Most of us learned quite a bit, and much talk was had of locations and which of our many god-poles-in-waiting are the ones for Freyr and Freya.  Thankfully, we have some time to sort all these things out.

Today, I'm doing a few chores and heading out to see my favourite sycamore tree.  Hopefully, I'll have time later for the IndyCar race and the drag races.
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